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Have you ever read one of the recipe posts and thought, “That sure would be awesome to make! If only I had a [insert essential kitchen tool here]“? Check out all my favorite products on my Amazon Influencer page and see if you find it there!

If not, shoot me an email at and I’ll hook you up with the information you need.

Stress Baking Merch

You can wear your love for stress baking with pride! Stress Baking began as a blog to share recipes that were made as a way to relieve anxiety and stress. Now it’s bringing people together who love food – so why not show others with a cute shirt or mug? Declare that you, too, are a stress baker with a fun font and our signature cupcake design on the back. When people ask you where you got your shirt, give off an air of mystery and tell them you’re in a super secret club that is invite only. Just kidding! Point them right over to my shop so they can get their own and join the Stress Baking tribe ❤  Check out the shop and order now!

Stress Baking merch
Stress baking comes out in full force during the holidays – wear your skill with pride!

Santa's little stress baker

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