How to Make *the* Perfect Banana Bread

by Stress Baking


The BEST banana bread is easy to make, moist on the inside, crisp on the outside and loaded with flavor. One bowl, no mixer required!

the best banana bread

4 Tips for the Best Banana Bread

1) Use overripe bananas

2) Mash or blend your bananas

3) Really coat the loaf pan with nonstick spray

4) Use buttermilk

The more black the peel is, the better! More ripe = more flavor and sweetness.

1) Use overripe bananas

Don't like banana chunks? Blend the bananas instead of mashing.

2) mash or blend

Spray it. Then spray it again! Cover every inch to ensure your loaf comes out easily.

3) REALLY coat the loaf pan

Buttermilk helps make the bread moist and tender. You can even make your own!

4) Use buttermilk

Click the link below for the PERFECT banana bread recipe!