4 Tips for an Amazing Chocolate Beet Cake

This dark chocolate beet cake recipe has a moist and tender crumb - no one will suspect that beets are hidden inside! Here are the ways to make the best chocolate beet cake 


Grate the beets and let them naturally drain of any excess moisture – don’t wring them out or use paper towels to sop up liquid! You want them to retain a moderate amount of moisture.


Dust your greased cake pans lightly with cocoa powder instead of flour. It helps keep the cake from sticking, and doesn't discolor the outside like flour would!


Add a little bit of cinnamon or espresso powder for a boost to your earthy, chocolate cake flavor!


Use cake flour for a lighter, more tender crumb on the cake.

To avoid looking like you've done something terrible ;), clean your hands to remove any beet stains by pouring baking soda onto your skin, add a little bit of water and scrub it off!

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