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The sun, the sea, and the Benchmark Inn

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The topic of this post feels like it was about a million years ago due to the fact that this is my current status. With that said, let’s warm up with some nice memories!


I had decided a while back I wanted to do something nice for my 31st (gulp) birthday. I didn’t want it to be some crazy night out in Boston, and I wasn’t looking to fly across the country and spend a bagillion dollars. I’ve always loved Provincetown, and figured that since mid-September is after the real tourist season, it could be a nice, relaxing getaway that’s only a few hours away. 

And boy, was I right. It was perfect. The weather was awesome – it was quite a bit hotter than I expected, but it wasn’t rain, so I’ll take it! The town was just busy enough with the locals to keep it interesting, but not overflowing with tourists. And, per usual, it was full of dogs – an automatic win. 


Let’s talk about where I stayed: Benchmark Inn. This place couldn’t have been more perfect for what I was looking for. It has less than ten rooms, it’s quiet, it’s located just off Commercial Street (if you’re not familiar with the area, that’s the main drag downtown) and it has gorgeous views. I’m serious. I couldn’t ask for a better view of… well, everything. Downtown, the ocean, AND the Pilgrim Monument. Why am I explaining this to you? Just look:


View from inside the room.


The Penthouse neighbors’ section of the deck.


View from my room’s door – if you squint you can see Long Point Lighthouse (left) on the tip of the Cape.

And at sunset, it’s just as magical:



As if that weren’t enough, our gracious host Daniel was exceptional. Upon arrival, my boyfriend and I were warmly greeted by Daniel at the front desk. He walked us around the property and offered up discounts at local establishments only available to guests at the inn. We sat in the dining room to chat and I soaked in how beautifully decorated it was. The love and care that’s gone into this place is clear.

benchmark-inn-dining-2When he walked us up to our room, I was so in awe of aforementioned the view (we stayed in Room 7) that I completely missed that there were gorgeous fresh flowers from the boy on the nightstand (graciously coordinated by Daniel with the local shop Wildflower).


The room itself is small, but who cares? If we stay here in the winter, I would understand maybe wanting a bit more room (which we could easily get in other rooms at the Inn), but this was exactly what we wanted during a stay in warm weather – a comfortable place to sleep with a gorgeous view! 



Everything about the room, and the property itself, was immaculate. The nautical theme is right up my alley, and it has amenities I wouldn’t have even thought of. They use Nest throughout the house, and our room has a radio with a dock you can connect to via Bluetooth to stream music. In fact, when we first walked in there was calm classical music playing. The ambiance as a whole is just stellar. It has a fireplace, but since it was still in the high 80s/low 90s while we were there, the fireplace wasn’t functional. 


benchmark-inn-bathroom-2The bathroom was super clean and bright – it even had a single rose. Aww. Under the sink, there is a personal Keurig, a collection of K-cups to go with it, robes, towels, silverware, and most importantly… a corkscrew.

After we got settled in, we headed back downstairs (via our private staircase, by the way) to sit in the courtyard and relax after the long drive.






Daniel was wonderful, and even indulged my love for Nutella at breakfast on the morning of my birthday. As he said, “You deserve it!” ;) 


They have a small spread of food in the mornings, and snacks throughout the day. It’s all delicious – the best part *might* be the espresso machine. My boyfriend definitely got his fair share of use out of it during our stay.


I spent most of the time lying on the deck getting some (unexpected) mid-September sun, and the neighbors in the penthouse that shares our deck were never around so it was like it was private! The rest of the time I was hanging out in the courtyard on the side of the building, or taking in the sights downtown. Did I mention the driveway is made of seashells? 

benchmark-inn-drivewayAnd did I mention that on the actual day of my birthday, Daniel brought up a bottle of champagne out of the kindness of his adorable heart?


Long story short, if you’re ever in Provincetown, I give you my highest recommendation to stay at Benchmark Inn. I’m already trying to plan my next trip!

Here are a few more shots from the trip, if you’re interested:


bill-breakwater bill-leslie-rooftop leslie-jump




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