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Moving sucks.

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Has anyone else ever had the ability to move, and then magically overnight have everything unpacked and ready to go? I surely haven’t, but based on some of the comments and emails I’ve received lately, you’d think those people have. Lots of passive aggressive things like “It’s great that you ‘like’ this, now go actually make something yourself” or “Do you plan on ever actually doing anything yourself, or are you just going to share the work everyone ELSE does?”

… wow.

First of all, can we stop with the negativity? There are much bigger problems in the world right now that have nothing to do with whether or not I have a new cookie recipe. What’s the point of being rude on a blog you’re clearly following? If you can’t handle a month of inactivity because the blogger has stuff going on in the real world, feel free to stop following that blog and go about your life. Or maybe you could come help me unpack – that would be productive and help me get back to blogging quicker! See below for what I’d love your help with:


Second of all, since when is it bad to support your fellow bloggers? Sure, I’ve been sharing content from other cooks/bakers on social media so that I’m not completely ghosting you all completely, but I’m pretty sure the folks putting the effort into their content aren’t upset about it being shared. 

So yes – I do plan to get back to baking and blogging. And I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. But first, I plan to unpack my house. And finish up loose ends at my old house as well as closing on my boyfriend’s old house. And get used to living with cats. And spend some time with my dog. And try to eventually get some sleep. And get into a new routine with my new commute to work – you know, where my full time job is. This is a hobby. I love this blog and I love that YOU might love this blog, but at this point that’s all it is. It’s a blog. I have a full time job that pays my bills and that takes priority. My sanity and ability to find a pair of socks, or my toaster takes priority to baking cupcakes and taking pictures of them to share.

Now – onto more positive things!


The house is great – it’s coming together way more slowly than I’d like, but it’s great. It’s on the ocean, so I wake up to the smell of salty sea air. I can see a lighthouse from my bedroom, so I know there will be a lot of lazy Sunday mornings where I just stare out the window from bed to admire it. I can see the Boston skyline from… well, just about everywhere – so we were able to see ALL the Fourth of July firework shows in and around Boston without having to leave our deck. My new commute is via the ferry, so I get to see all the Boston Harbor Islands to and from work every day (and I’m not so secretly keeping an eye out for sharks and whales).

The cats are settled in and they love having all these open windows and new smells. They have three floors to run around, and you better believe they’re making use of all the space. For the first week we let them have a perch in the bedroom because they were sticking close to us all the time, and it lent itself to some cute moments like this (it’s hard to see in this picture, but the lighthouse is out in the distance on the left):


I need to go move a bookcase three times before putting back in the same place it started, and lose my hammer because I put it in the freezer.

I promise I’ll be back soon with more new recipes, but I’m not going to rush it. I’m not going to feel very inspired to come up with a new tasty treat if I’m surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram and Facebook! <3

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