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lazy sundae: 11 happy thoughts

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Boston skyline sunset

Things are completely insane in the world right now. Just… insane. I’m having a hard time processing it all, and I can only take so much sadness and anger for so long. So I’ve decided to take a moment and think about 11 happy things – join me, won’t you?

Number one is the above photo of last night’s sunset from my porch. I’m very lucky to be able to see frequent gorgeous sunsets from my home. Sometimes I even catch the cats and Penny watching them – I swear.

Two: These lemon ricotta pancakes from HelloFresh. One of the best breakfast we’ve made in quite a while, with a side of yummy sausage and fresh orange slices. Mm mm mmm.

Three: This t-rex gift bag at Homesense. Just look at him – fancy bow tie, attractive glasses and a freaking balloon.

Fair warning… most of these photos are from my sneak preview at the new Homesense store in Framingham, Massachusetts – but with good reason. That store is my newest happy place. It’s beautiful, organized, and just plain fab.

Four: These pillows at Homesense. I love pillows. I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many pillows. If I could fill my house with pillows and make elaborate pillow forts at will, I would be a happy camper.

Five: This “Girl Boss” decoration at Homesense. I’m not really a girl power type of gal, but I kinda love it.

Six: Dish towels. I love a good dish towel. How absorbent they are almost comes second to how cute they are. Kinda like this “good friends bring happiness, great friends bring more wine” towel at Homesense.

Seven: If I could use nothing but painted baskets and wooden crates for storage in my house, that would be freaking great. They’re so simple, but so unbelievable useful in every room of the house. This display at Homesense is just so pretty.

Eight: ALL WHITE EVERYTHING. Homesense knows how to speak to my soul. I want a white kitchen, white dishes, white counters, white white white. It’s clean and makes me feel calm.

Nine: The “Work from Home” section of Homesense. The “Addicted to Success” frame is pretty great, and it’s sort of how I feel. I want so much to be successful, but it’s hard to feel successful when you’re always striving for more. It’s something I’m working on – setting smaller goals so that I can celebrate each small win.

Ten: This sign at one of my favorite restaurants on the South Shore, Galley, made me laugh while I was using the restroom.

Eleven: There are Christmas lights on a tree in a parking lot in Cohasset that it seems they never take down. There’s something about always being prepared for the holidays that makes me smile.


What making you happy right now? Post it in the comments below, and let’s fill in the internet with some more happiness ❤

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