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Being A Salty Soul

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A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

No, not salt like the mineral with which we love to season our food. This post has nothing to do with food. I wanted to share this post with you all, regardless of being off topic to this blog. Who knows – if you guys are on board, maybe I’ll start incorporating more “lifestyle” posts along with recipes. Think on that and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

It’s no secret that Nantucket is my favorite place on the planet. The beautiful landscapes, the delicious and locally-sourced food, the friendly and down to earth people, and the laid-back, seaside vibe. Everyone is so put together, but also so relaxed. They’re doing their own thing and they’re loving doing it. 

That’s why I fell in love with the Nantucket-born company A Salty Soul. One day while scouring Instagram for all things Nantucket, I came across this picture and I had to have it:


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I hopped over to their site and to see if the shirt was for sale, and found myself reading through the About page and learning that this wasn’t just another apparel company. From their site:

A Salty Soul is a casual lifestyle brand for those who simply love the sea and are passionate about giving back. We give back a percent of profits (our target is 20%) to organizations providing kids with access to salty activities. Success will be when we have a robust philanthropic platform! We are about building a community, encouraging exploration, embracing life and supporting the next generation of Salty Souls. 

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

I also learned that Erin sounds a lot like me (and where I want to end up). She was in the corporate world and lived in big cities like Paris and Boston before she took a big jump in moving to Nantucket. She started A Salty Soul just earlier this year and I just know she’s going to see all sorts of success. I really hope that someday I find the thing that I love to do that can be not only a real source of income, but help make a difference.

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

As for this shirt… I’m in love. It’s so freaking comfortable. I’m so damn lazy these days that all I ever wear are sundresses (if it’s super hot and humid), or tank tops with jeans and flip flops. It’s pretty much my uniform. I’ve been destroying all my existing clothes because I just keep wearing the same few shirts over and over again. I’m trying really hard to start caring about how I look… but my uniform is just so comfortable. 

This tank is perfect for me because it’s fresh, new and the words on it feel like they’re made for me. I know it’s meant to mean “stay connected to the ocean because it’s awesome and nourishing for your soul”, but when *I* wear it I’m pretty sure people will assume it means “continue to use salty language and be a snarky so-and-so”. I kinda love that if you know me, the message could go either way. 

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

Complete side note, because the internet can be a cruel place and I find it’s better to address things outright instead of hoping people don’t notice: You may have noticed my cellulite and skin dimples on my legs. This is actually the first year that I started wearing shorts in public (as an adult – as a kid I DGAF). With my weight gain from the PCOS last year, I’ve gained all sorts of other things, too. Like acne, excess hair, cellulite and skin dimples. And while I’m running and doing regular cardio and yoga to get myself into better shape again, I also don’t want to turn into an uncomfortable puddle of sweat just because of I’m self conscious of my thighs. So guess what? I started wearing freaking shorts in the summer and I’m more comfortable when I’m out and about. Comfortable in my own skin? Well… not yet, but I’m working on it. At this point, all I care about are clothes in which I’m comfortable and if they also happen to be adorable and fashionable like this tank? That’s a wonderful bonus.

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

Also, it may be white – but a tip for the ladies: your bra isn’t going to show through. WIN. Of course, I can’t promise anything if you get caught in the rain, or dive straight into the ocean to take the “stay salty” super literally. 

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

I also love the logo, because it’s not just a random collection of shapes. From their site:

We leveraged alchemy symbols: the upside down triangle represents water, the circle with a line through it means salt. This combo gets us some salt water!  And we added the waves because we just love the ocean and it needed to be represented. 

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank | stressbaking.comHow great is that? It’s relatively simple, but also completely unique.

Everything in the A Salty Soul line is #flipflopstyle perfection, and I wish I could have it all. Don’t let summer winding down deter you – Erin’s got you covered with t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and hoodies, too!

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

I adore this shirt as well as the mission, and want to do what I can to help spread the word! At the time of this post, you can find A Salty Soul merch on Nantucket at Milly & Grace and Nantucket Surf Co, as well as Salt Design Co in Asbury Park, NJ. If you’re like me and don’t live on the island, you can also visit their site – good luck not buying all of it, because that’s a serious possibility!

A Salty Soul will also be having an event at Milly & Grace on Friday August 18th from 4PM-7PM and Erin will be bringing men’s clothing as well! Make sure you check it out if you’re on the island.

A Salty Soul "Stay Salty" tank |

A big thank you to Erin for her beautiful designs and desire to give back to the community – I hope that I can make it back to the island and meet you soon! ❤

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