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Behind the Scenes

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When I was working on the blog redesign, I got it in my head that I wanted new pictures to go along with it. I thought to myself, “Shiny new design, shiny new photos – great idea, Leslie!”

Since my health had me feeling a bit down the last few months, I thought that doing my hair, putting “real” clothes (aka: not yoga pants and a sweatshirt) and a bit of makeup would make me a li’l bit shiny, too.

So I tasked the boyfriend with helping me out, but unfortunately I have a less than stellar camera (and don’t currently have the funds to invest in a new one) and the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating (read: blizzard), so we couldn’t go outside.

While I didn’t end up with any “headshots” of the quality I’d like, we did end up with a couple generally cute shots of my favorite furball.

I call this one Furry Taste Tester Reporting for Duty:

And these are Stress Baking Quality Inspection Process:

Penny the Taste Tester
Penny ready to taste test

Annnnnnd then it was downhill from there.

My furry coworker — despite her natural ability to be adorable — was less than cooperative. And that usually resulted in me making ridiculous faces, so… prepare yourself for that.

Penny is distracted

And the other resident furballs lent themselves to hindering the creative process by distracting my copper-colored model:

Penny is distracted

And once she’s distracted, the whole thing is just off the rails.

However, in my efforts to get her back on track and focused, the boyfriend did manage to grab a few cute candid shots:

So, tl;dr: Any professional photographers want to come help me out once the weather warms up? ;-)

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